GERMAN by Jeremy Waltman

Things have been very hectic in a good way over the past couple months. Grapplers Quest was a blast and I am happy to announce that the canvas print I donated to their auction for Autism Radio sold for $500! I want to thank Brian Cimins and his whole organization for putting on a great show that will certainly be covered in a future issue of First Fight.

I'd also like to recommend an interesting graphic novel called GERMAN by Jeremy Waltman which includes a mix of martial arts with good old sequential story telling. I met Jeremy at the Philadelphia Alternative Comic Con where I got to chance to hear about his comic and I hope everyone reading this checks out his site as well as his other work.


Grapplers Quest

Great news - I'm officially being sponsored by Grappler's Quest for their event next week on December 4th in Asbury Park, NJ. I gotta work off some turkey weight I put on from yesterday but come next Saturday I'll be ready to compete in the 179 division.

Here is a piece I did for their the charity auction that will be going on at the event for AutismRadio, a non-profit (501c3) charitable organization who developed the first Autism Family Support, Diet and Treatment Radio Network to help families cope with the challenges of Autism.

Check out their website at www.autismradio.org


Interview with DTOWN Magazine

Haven't written in a little while since things have been busy with Monsters of MMA as well as training with Team Balance. Here is an article from DTOWN magazine where I was interviewed again and got to talk about some of the current projects I've been involved with. Thank you to everyone for your support and for following my comics - it gives me a ton of encouragement to hear from you guys and can't thank everyone enough.


Balance Studios in Philly

Last week I had the opportunity to head over to Balance Studios in beautiful Philly where Phil Migliarese was having open mat allowing students to pick his brain over the intricacies of Jiu Jitsu. Had a really good time and got some great tips regarding technique - here's some pics I took while there.



At the Baltimore Comic Con, I was also promoting my new webcomic, Monsters of MMA. I am putting up one page per week and am allowing the viewers to cast their vote and decide who wins the match. Page 1 and 2 are already up and stay tuned since this is gonna get better and better. Here are some more sketches, photos, etc. of the con!

This one was for an all Hulk sketch book so I figured I'd try to do something a little different and show Hulk doing a scene from Macbeth using Wolverines skull.

I was a bit surprised that an 11 year girl wanted me to draw Jack Skelington and Marilyn Manson together but I aim to please. Apologies for messing up the tie - didn't have reference.

I did a whole bunch more but in the craziness didn't get a chance to take a photo every time - anyone who's got one please let me know and I'll hook ya up!

Lastly, a young girl who stopped by the booth named Ebony Burns was kind enough to give me her own rendition of Kimbo Slice and I promised to put it up here for her. I'm heading over to Balance Studio in Philly for their seminar and some training - I'll be sure to post some pics from it soon - ciao!


Baltimore Comic Con 2010

Last week's convention was a ton of fun and definitely the best turnout I've had so far. Did tons of sketches and sold copies of crap so good times was had by all. By far the highlight of the convention was stopping by and chatting with Erik Larsen, creator of my all time favorite comic, Savage Dragon. I have him briefly in First Fight #2 and he was kind enough to ink up a quick portrait of me which will be framed and hung and stared at constantly by yours truly. I'll be adding more sketches and pictures in the next couple days.


Comic Reviews

Baltimore Comic Con is this weekend and I am very excited for it. Not only will I have copies of First Fight #1 and #2 but I will also be showing a preview of my new web comic, Monsters of MMA, that will be starting September 1st. I'll be posting the entire first issue by showing 1 page a week and I think that MMA fans will really like what they see.

Here are some great reviews on First Fight #2 by Optical Sloth:

Also, a very nice review from TheArtBlog.com by Philly writer extraordinaire Roberta Fallon:

I greatly appreciate everyone's kind words and also just did a followup interview for DTOWN magazine that will be coming out next week which I will be sure to post up here. Training with Team Balance is going very well and encourage anyone interested in learning Jiu Jitsu from the best to check out their site: www.balancestudios.net


PACC photos

Ok - finally putting photos up from the Philadelphia Alternative Comic Convention along with some miscellaneous stuff.

Along with signing copies of First Fight #2, I was glad to hand out flyers and talk to attendees about the Xeric Foundation and what good people they are. Everyone needs to check them out at www.xericfoundation.com

Here's some beautiful bruises thanks to the beautiful people at Team Balance who are preparing me for my next tournament in December - I'll be sure to put up some photos of their new facility in NE Philly - check out Balance Studios.