Currently working on the second issue of Monsters of MMA as well as the third issue of First Fight and things are progressing nicely. Everyone should check out Secret Prison which is a newspaper format anthology which is currently working on rolling out their fourth issue. I urge everyone to help fund this project so that independent artists like myself have a voice. The fantastic Art Baxter has done an amazing cover for it as well - and I'm excited about all of the stories that will be contained within it.


Savage Dragon #151 Pinup

At the request of some folks, here's a pin up that I did for the coolest freaking comic in existence, Savage Dragon. This was a little while back in issue #151 and though I was massively psyched that Erik allowed me to do something for that issue I still would love to do a backup story sometime about Double Header. Anyone who happens to not know Erik Larsen or the comic Savage Dragon needs to get out there and buy some of his comics - the guy is seriously an artistic genius with a work ethic that makes other guys like myself want to crawl into a hole and die.