Design for Balance Studios

Here's a t shirt design I just did for Balance Studios. Starting to do JJ training with them to prepare for my tournament in December. I'm really looking forward to diving into it full force and start learning :)


Florida International University

Check out a piece of mine that was used for FIU.
I might do one more promotional piece for the Philly Alternative Con before the actual event which is August 8th at the Rotunda!!!




Alright, here is my piece for the Philly Alternative Comic Con - tada! Hope you all like and my apologies to anyone you thinks Ronald could take the King in a fight. Sorry to burst your bubble - but I think they would both collapse from eating terrible fast food.


Philadelphia Alternative Comic Con

Here's some artwork Pat Aulisio just did for the P.A.C.C that's coming up veery quickly - Rotunda (4014 Walnut st.) August 8 from 12-6pm. I will be doing some artwork myself for the event and will post it...post haste...


Social Network Analysis

I gotta give some thanks to Chris Pratt from www.viralso.com for a free media analysis. Currently meeting today with some peeps and I will be having my website redone and expanded. First Fight #2 the full color version is currently off at the printers and I am really happy with how it turned out. Here is the first couple pages as a teaser: