One more Halloween Post

Ok - one more post for Halloween - here's is a Slimer piece that I did for the Autumn Society's 80's Show at Brave New Worlds in Old City.

The Temptation of Sarah Palin

In the spirit of Halloween I thought I would post this Sarah Palin piece that I did right after the 2008 election ended. There was some speculation that Palin may become a political pundit and the image just popped in my head. While my political views in no way align with Sarah Palin's - I couldn't help but feel bad for this woman who seemed a bit like a deer staring into the headlights of today's political media circus. I should also point out that the composition and demons were inspired by an amazing piece called "The Temptation of St. Anthony" by Martin Schöngauer: http://thewholegardenwillbow.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/schongauer-martin-anthony103.jpg


Here's a piece I just recently did as a present for my wife, Nicole, which has a monster version of her old dog, Buster. I liked the idea of monsters peacefully at rest and sleeping in a pile - this was done before I saw the Where The Wild Things Are movie - and was happy to see they did something very similar to this in one of the scenes.



I am currently working on a series of portraits of well known mixed martial artists with a Halloween theme to them. I'll be adding a whole bunch more in the future and appreciate all the suggestions I received for future pieces from folks at the Baltimore Con.


Baltmore Comic Con

I had a very good time this last weekend at the Baltmore Comic Con. I was selling copies of my comic, First Fight as well as debuting my new series Monsters of MMA which is a series of portraits of well known Mixed Martial Artists with a Halloween theme to it. I was doing sketches the whole time I was there and never reaized how much people want to see monster versions of their favorite characters - Zombie Jabba the Hut? Zombie Indiana Jones? Zombie Link from Zelda? Zombie King Hippo?? I'm not gonna complain - but once you start drawings monsters it's always hard to stop.