Free Comic Book Day Signing (or Godzilla apparently vomits urine...)

Ok - files sent to the printers -good to go. Here a couple sketches from my last signing - take note, while quickly working on a Godzilla sketch for someone at the signing I accidentally grabbed a yellow highlighter which resulted in the following disastert...needless to say, I had to keep this one for myself. The red Daredevil sketch was actually done for me by John K. Baxter (Landcross on Twitter) - many thanks.
Gonna be doing a bit of promotion in the next couple weeks - really looking forward to it!


Busy Busy

Crud - so I keep putting off putting up stuff because I'm trying to send the files for First Fight off to the printers this week. Once that's done - I will be sure to post up tons of junk up. In the meantime, check out my friend Debbie's blog who is now working in India and will be back in the States pretty soon for a visit - http://debidoesbangalore.blogspot.com/