Philadelphia Comic Convention Jan. 3rd

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday. Wanted to post that I'll be at the Philadelphia Comic Convention on January 3rd at:

Ramada Philadelphia Airport
76 Industrial Highway
Essington, PA 19029

Located between exits 8 or 9A off of I-95. South of the airport by about 3 miles
See website for details -----> http://www.philadelphiacomic-con.com/

I'll be doing sketches as well as selling my usual junk. Also, I've got some big news that I'll post up once the holiday craziness is over. Very much looking forward to 2010!


review by the Art Blog

I highly recommend the Art Blog which is written by Roberta Fallon and Liby Rosof. They recently were kind enough to plug First Fight and write a review about it here.



Autumn Society Holiday Coloring Book

I'm glad to plug the Autumn Society for having me illustrate a page for their coloring book which will be distributed to different charities including:

Cathedral Kitchen
1514 Federal Street
Camden, New Jersey 08105

North Light Community Center
175 Green Ln.
Philadelphia, PA 19127

Puerto Rican Unity for Progress Center of Camden New Jersey
( for their Youth Program and Resource Center )
425-427 Broadway
Camden, NJ 08105

I'm glad to be a member of the esteemed Autumn Society and check out www.autumnsociety.com to see more artwork.


New Monsters of MMA

Here are a few new additions to the series - I've started working on First Fight #2 and should have it done sometime during the Spring along with a couple other things I'm working on. Thanks for all the feedback and support!


Black Friday Signing at Wade's Comic Madness

Things went great on Friday - did a little bit of everything - some sketches, sold some comics, and ended up nearly doing some babysitting for some younger fans. Unfortunately in my haste, I didn't get to take a photo of most sketches I did but here are some from the beginning of the appearance as well as a picture of some younger artists that I met at the signing. I'd like to thank Joshua Steinhouse for kindly making a balloon version of me (including a muscled six pack - which I wish I had...) and stealing possible customers with his blasted superior three dimensional balloon art. Check out his site at www.balloon-entertainment.com



I'm about to head up to the store to set up for the signing for Wade's sale and thought I should share these great commercials they came up with for the event:



new addition to Monsters of MMA series

I'll also be posting some more of my appearances and signings in the next couple days - enjoy.


Wade's Comic Madness

I'll be at Wade's Comic Madness on Friday, November 27th to sign copies of my comic and do sketches - it's gonna be a freakin' blast and they're having a 50% off sale - sweaty fanboys take note! This is the flyer that has my illustration on it- hope everyone enjoys their Thankstaking :)


One more Halloween Post

Ok - one more post for Halloween - here's is a Slimer piece that I did for the Autumn Society's 80's Show at Brave New Worlds in Old City.

The Temptation of Sarah Palin

In the spirit of Halloween I thought I would post this Sarah Palin piece that I did right after the 2008 election ended. There was some speculation that Palin may become a political pundit and the image just popped in my head. While my political views in no way align with Sarah Palin's - I couldn't help but feel bad for this woman who seemed a bit like a deer staring into the headlights of today's political media circus. I should also point out that the composition and demons were inspired by an amazing piece called "The Temptation of St. Anthony" by Martin Schöngauer: http://thewholegardenwillbow.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/schongauer-martin-anthony103.jpg


Here's a piece I just recently did as a present for my wife, Nicole, which has a monster version of her old dog, Buster. I liked the idea of monsters peacefully at rest and sleeping in a pile - this was done before I saw the Where The Wild Things Are movie - and was happy to see they did something very similar to this in one of the scenes.



I am currently working on a series of portraits of well known mixed martial artists with a Halloween theme to them. I'll be adding a whole bunch more in the future and appreciate all the suggestions I received for future pieces from folks at the Baltimore Con.


Baltmore Comic Con

I had a very good time this last weekend at the Baltmore Comic Con. I was selling copies of my comic, First Fight as well as debuting my new series Monsters of MMA which is a series of portraits of well known Mixed Martial Artists with a Halloween theme to it. I was doing sketches the whole time I was there and never reaized how much people want to see monster versions of their favorite characters - Zombie Jabba the Hut? Zombie Indiana Jones? Zombie Link from Zelda? Zombie King Hippo?? I'm not gonna complain - but once you start drawings monsters it's always hard to stop.


A Dia De Los Muertos

Here is the flyer/piece I just did for the Autumn Society's A Dia De Los Muertos Show which will be up all month at the Proximity Gallery on 2434 East Dauphin St. Philadelphia PA 19125.

Opening reception is on October 2nd, 6-9pm.



I'm getting excited as I get my stuff together for the Phily Alt Comic Con on Sunday, Sept. 13th. I'm also working on updates for my site and am really looking forward to getting a bunch of newhttp://phillyaltcomiccon.wordpress.com/ artwork that I've done in the last couple months. Here's a flyer I just did - see the convention blog at:




FIRST FIGHT is now on sale online. Check out a FREE 8 page preview of it on my website: www.bryangbrown.com