Monsters of MMA coverage

Things are busy as always - couple days ago MMA legend Bas Rutten checked out my Monsters of MMA comic and retweeted it and the website has been booming ever since. I'll definitely have to use his "freaking awesome" quote for the comic. Also, the website Optical Sloth did a review of the first issue with many good things to say which I am extremely thankful for. Several artists have contributed their own renditions of my monsters and I will be sure to post them up soon.


MMA art by John Ozga

Check out some mixed martial arts work by abstract artist John Ozga. His subject matter ranges from religious to animals to anything he currently digs and I'm currently trying to convince him to do a series on MMA but getting to see this piece is way better than nothing. Check out a ton of other artwork as well as his interviews with other artists on his site at www.abstageation.com



While working on First Fight #3, I am also creating another edition of Monsters of MMA and I have a poll up for people to vote and choose who should win the fight. In the spirit of the new Ultimate Fighter series I thought a match up between Croc Lesnar vs. Jaguar Dos Santos would be appropriate. Last month alone the site received over 700 hits but no one seems to see the poll so I went and put a second poll up on Facebook - please cast your vote and be democratic!

Here's a panel from the upcoming conclusion on Monsters of MMA

I will be posting the conclusion of the battle between Bas Rotten and Kimbo Spliced by the end of the week and can't thank everyone enough for their support. Be on the lookout for new additions to my Monsters of MMA card series as well - great things are coming!