Philly Sketches

Here's some more sketches from Wizard World Philly. In the next couple weeks I'll post a schedule of appearances and signings that I'll be doing for the rest of the summer. Enjoy!

Vampire Green Hornet


Wizard World Philly

Philly Wizard World went really well last weekend and I heard a lot of great feedback on the rough version of First Fight issue 2 from folks who bought copies. Thanks once again for the massive amount of support. Here's an extra nerdy compilation of peoples in costumes. Here's a couple sketches too - but I'll be sure to post a whole bunch more. Peace!

Take note of the expression on the face of the guy to the left. He looked horrified and disgusted at this display of geekdom - only to be topped by the Jedi chant that occurred a couple minutes later.


Wizard World Philly

Wizard World is coming up at the end of next week and I am way excited to show off the new issue of First Fight. I am currently finishing the full color version of it but have printed a small run to have available for sale at the upcoming con. Also, the folks at Wizard were kind enough to post my bio on their page as well under Comic Creators - here's the link: http://www.wizardworld.com/home-pa.html
Also posted is the limited run cover of First Fight #2