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Baltimore Comic Con is this weekend and I am very excited for it. Not only will I have copies of First Fight #1 and #2 but I will also be showing a preview of my new web comic, Monsters of MMA, that will be starting September 1st. I'll be posting the entire first issue by showing 1 page a week and I think that MMA fans will really like what they see.

Here are some great reviews on First Fight #2 by Optical Sloth:

Also, a very nice review from TheArtBlog.com by Philly writer extraordinaire Roberta Fallon:

I greatly appreciate everyone's kind words and also just did a followup interview for DTOWN magazine that will be coming out next week which I will be sure to post up here. Training with Team Balance is going very well and encourage anyone interested in learning Jiu Jitsu from the best to check out their site: www.balancestudios.net

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