At the Baltimore Comic Con, I was also promoting my new webcomic, Monsters of MMA. I am putting up one page per week and am allowing the viewers to cast their vote and decide who wins the match. Page 1 and 2 are already up and stay tuned since this is gonna get better and better. Here are some more sketches, photos, etc. of the con!

This one was for an all Hulk sketch book so I figured I'd try to do something a little different and show Hulk doing a scene from Macbeth using Wolverines skull.

I was a bit surprised that an 11 year girl wanted me to draw Jack Skelington and Marilyn Manson together but I aim to please. Apologies for messing up the tie - didn't have reference.

I did a whole bunch more but in the craziness didn't get a chance to take a photo every time - anyone who's got one please let me know and I'll hook ya up!

Lastly, a young girl who stopped by the booth named Ebony Burns was kind enough to give me her own rendition of Kimbo Slice and I promised to put it up here for her. I'm heading over to Balance Studio in Philly for their seminar and some training - I'll be sure to post some pics from it soon - ciao!

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